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Chartify is a free yet powerful stock trading performance tool designed to give day traders a unique edge. Now, instead of just telling potential clients about your impressive stock portfolio, you’ll be able to show them, too. Because Chartify seamlessly transforms your stock trading accomplishments into a clear, simple, color-coded performance chart that shows you and your followers at a glance just how well you’re doing.

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For the traders

With Chartify, tracking your trades has never been easier. Using your mobile device or desktop, you can quickly submit, track, and compare trades without hassle. Plus, as a Chartify member, you will enjoy these additional benefits:

  • Access to your own unique URL that showcases your trading performance.
  • Search and compare your profile against other Chartified members.
  • Set your own subscription rate for followers as your trading performance increases.

For the followers

With its ease of use, and real-time notifications, Chartify is already causing a buzz among day traders. But anyone interested in the stock market or improving their trade performance can benefit from Chartify. By becoming a follower, you will be able to:

  • Follow top traders and be notified via phone, email, or on the site whenever a new trade is posted.
  • Filter traders by performance to find the best users for your goals.
  • Learn how to build a powerful stock portfolio so you can become the next top trader.

What our users said

  • Michael Conde

    Trading for about 12 years and always considered myself as a beginner. Seeing how I compare to other traders is addictive!

  • Josh Gorin

    Being able to follow someone who actually knows what he is doing is absolutely awesome. After 2 years of loosing money in stock market I am finally in the black

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