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Chartify was founded with the goal of supporting seasoned day traders and novices alike. We believe that knowledge is power. That’s why we created service that transforms stock trading experts’ performances into easy to read charts, and cultivate an environment where fledgling traders can learn and follow the industry’s best. Get easy access to powerful trading data today. Rise to the next level of success tomorrow.

An Easier Way To Trade

For Traders
With Chartify, you can compare your trading performance against the S&P index, benefit from having your trading data projected into easy-to-read, shareable charts, and gain a following in exchange for subscription fees you establish.

For Followers
Chartify will allow you to follow successful traders and send you alerts whenever a trade is posted. Learn from the best!

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For the traders

Know your rank. Improve your performance. Develop a following. Increase your revenue.

There are approximately 1 – 2.5 million traders in the U.S. at any given moment. Ever wondered where you rank? Can you beat S&P? Let Chartify tell you!

Why Chartify?

  • Getting started is easy. Post your trades at and let us generate your chart with your unique symbol comparing you to S&P and other traders.
  • Chartify organizes your trading data into a concise performance chart that can be easily interpreted and shared with clients.
  • You will recieve your own custom URL, so you can instantly display and reference your trading history on social media or anywhere else.
  • Jump on the fast track to becoming a top trader. Visibility within the Chartify community will bring you recognition and attract new followers. You will set your own price for followers to have access to your trading history. Reap the benefits of having an additional revenue stream.

For the followers

Follow top traders that fit your strategy. Learn from experts. Build your portfolio.

With Chartify, learning how to become a top trader is easier than ever before. Our  community is comprised of a diverse group of both industry insiders and ambitious newcomers. As a follower, you’ll have access to strategies that are used by some of the world’s best traders. Chartify is guaranteed to expand your stock market knowledge, and it will only be a matter of time before your portfolio starts to grow… Sign-up today, and enjoy your ride to the top.

Why Chartify?

  • Discover and follow experienced traders. Our comprehensive database and search tools will allow you to hone in on the movements of market’s hottest experts. Learn from their expertise, and follow their lead.
  • Receive instant alerts whenever a trade is posted by a trader you follow.
  • Take the pulse of the market from anywhere at anytime. You can easily access Chartify from your phone, desktop, or other mobile device.

Trade. Compare. Succeed.

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