Frequently asked questions

  • Who is Chartify for?

    Chartify is designed to help new and experienced traders alike. Whether you’re just learning about the stock market, or are a seasoned day trader looking to attract new clients, Chartify can help improve your trading performance. Not only can you compare your skills against the leading indexes and traders, you can charge a subscription price for anyone who wants to follow you.

  • Is Chartify free?

    Anyone can sign up for Chartify for free. However in the near future, in order to follow another Chartify member, you must pay their set following price.

  • How quickly can I Chartify my trades?

    As soon as you post your first trade at website, Chartify mobile app, Chartify browser extension or via Email your chart begins to form!

  • How can Chartify improve my stock trading performance?

    Chartify lets you compare your trading performance against the leading traders and indexes so you can see how you stack up and where you need to improve. You can follow top traders and receive alerts whenever they make a trade. Becoming a top trader allows you to charge a higher follower fee.

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